Lower Largo

Lower Largo


A cost effective way of commissioning a quality image unique to you.

Like most landscape photographers I shoot images of iconic landscapes because I know people will identify with them and are more likely to enjoy the picture. Over the years I have found that while my customers like iconic scenes, they become more emotionally attached to images which have a particular connection to them e.g. the place where they were engaged, their grandparents home, a holiday location and so forth. While special to the individual, most of these locations mean very little to everyone else and rarely feature in quality photographs. My Commissions service offers a cost effective way of allowing you to commission a quality photograph of a location that has a deep meaning for you or a loved one.

How it Works?

You tell me what the location is what particular part of it has a tie to you, I go and photograph the location and offer you a portfolio of images to choose from, the only cost to you at this point is the routine expenses that I incur. You pick your image and pay my normal rates for the printed picture.  If you do not like the portfolio or I cannot take the image you want then there is no obligation on you to take a printed image.  Copyright of any images will stay with me.

A Case Study

A customer recently contacted me and explained that he was looking for a unique gift for his sister who had emigrated to Canada many years before. He went on to explain that he and his sister had a close affinity with the village of Lower Largo in Fife. Over the next few weeks I visited the village at different times of the day and prepared a portfolio of photographs. The customer picked the one he liked best (the one at the top of this page) and I arranged to have it printed on canvas at a lab in Germany and then delivered directly to Canada. He later got back in touch to say;

The canvas was absolutely marvellous. When I opened it I had the feeling that I was standing in Lower Largo and could walk into the the canvas, it was so realistic. When my sister opened it on her birthday she just went to pieces. It really hit the spot. Many thanks for your time and effort in getting the scene, it could not have been better.
— John F

This is a simple no obligation service. Please remember that I may not be able to take the image you want due to weather and other environmental factors, but be assured that I will always try my best.